9. July 2020

Follow your first impulse. Trust your gut feeling!

By Riccardo Giacometti

Who listens to his gut, makes better decisions!

Often only facts seem to count. Feelings can easily get forgotten. Our gut feeling is often neglected! As a number freak I like to analyze numbers and then decide. And that brings us back to the topic: supposedly we need facts to build trust and be able to make decisions. Usually you have to convince others of an idea and numbers help to explain it better than explaining a feeling. But how about trying it out, reflecting and learning?

The first feeling is often the decisive one!

Scientists believe that intuition is a masterpiece of the brain, which has developed in the course of evolution. After all, long periods of reflection do not always make a decision necessarily better. Often the very first thought and the tendency that came first prevails after all – sometimes contrary to purely objective considerations.

Here are three of these reasons:

1. Your intuition contains all your experiences from the past and everything you have learned from them

2. Your intuition is a web of facts and feelings in your brain

3. Your intuition connects you to all nerve cells in your body

So rely on your intuition and find the facts and figures that confirm this gut feeling. (if you need it to convince others that is)