“Sales Funnel”: An overview of everything worth knowing

A sales funnel represents the marketing and sales process in the form of a funnel. It shows the journey of potential customers from the first contact to the conclusion of a sale, using concrete figures. It is of great importance, because no marketing and sales process can be controlled without daily updated figures from your sales funnel.
12. August 2020

System Reset – Hotel Reboot

There is no return to the old world before COVID-19: let it go. With the coronavirus crisis, our world experiences not only the often-quoted slowdown or sometimes even a full stop or crash, but also an extreme deconstruction of everyday life with all the resulting economic relationships. It suddenly becomes more obvious what actually holds the world together and what does not.
24. June 2020

6 Phases of innovation process using Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a customer-centric and iterative method for solving complex problems and developing new ideas. With the Design Thinking method, you will succeed in developing a superior solution from the customer's point of view, taking into consideration profitability, practicability, and desirability.
23. June 2020

10 Steps to Successful Change Management

I'm excited about change. In this time of change, we as leaders and the holders of the status quo are being put to the test. Success will come to those who can adapt the fastest and most effectively to the new needs of the market.
17. June 2020

Leading after COVID-19

Each era is characterized by different forms of leadership. Given the turbulence and changes in our industry in recent weeks (and in the future), culture, values, inspiration, and continuity have become the most important pillars of leadership.
4. June 2020